Sleeve Madness


Laptop and iPad sleeves are not only a showcase item but a necessity to protect your valuable possession. The first sleeve were really boring, but that has changed. Now you can find your perfect laptop or iPad sleeve as easy as buying some bread in the supermarket. But there are also some very strange models.

When Apple introduced the original iPad back in January 2010, some people found the name to be a bit, well, offensive. Several female bloggers sneered at the name "iPad" for its resemblance to feminine hygiene products. Well, Hip Handmaids took that little joke a step farther with its iMaxi iPad case. The iMaxi is just what it sounds like...a maxi-pad for your iPad. You can snag it in all white or with a red interior. Yeah...a red interior.


What's that? You don't want an iPad case for your iPad because those things are girly? (So you haven’t check our webshop yet?!) If you're concerned about appearances, try making this manly, hardwarey ManHandle case. It has drawer pulls and wood and heavy-duty jumper cords--and it's DIY! Yeah! 

Syte Shirt

I'm not sure that the Syte Shirt qualifies as an iPad case, but it does hold your iPad. It's also really, really unattractive. The $50 Syte Shirt is billed as a "hands-free, interactive iPad t-shirt" so that users can "carry their iPad in a safe and secure location while expressing their creativity." Need I say more?

If you want a goodlooking and protective sleeve for your iPad or laptop, just check out our store. We know you will find something you like.